“What Mélenchon did divides, fractures and does not allow us to reunite”, act Anne Hidalgo

On France Inter, the mayor of Paris denounced the words “extremely shocking” of the leader of France Insoumise. For her, the union of the lefts is not on the agenda.

The union of the lefts is floundering. After the release of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Sunday June 6 on the set of Political questions, on France Inter, predicting a “serious incident or murder (…) in the last week of the presidential campaign“Of 2022 in a scenario”written in advance», The whole political class – including the left – is revolted. Asked about this on France Inter Tuesday, June 8, Anne Hidalgo said “very shocked“With these words”conspiracy loans».

«Politicians do not have the right to speak like that. We are in a kind of knockout, a world in which everything goes very quickly, in which there is a lot of opposition, of stigma. I think that our role as politicians is to bring together, to lay the framework in which democracy must be able to function.“Pleaded the socialist mayor of Paris.

The union of the lefts is not on the agenda

Asked about the possibility of an alliance of the left in which the leader of France Insoumise would participate, the mayor of Paris recalled that in Paris, she had not had a coalition with her political formation since 2014. “You have to be very clear, for me, what Jean-Luc Mélenchon said is very worrying“, She clarified, adding that she wore”a left concerned about the common good“And”the state of our republic».

«I think it’s very good that the parties are talking to each other, I have made a choice which is to follow my path“, Explains then the one who had nevertheless participated in the first meeting organized by Yannick Jadot to try to find a common candidacy to the left for the presidential election of 2022.”It’s good that everyone is talking to each other, but afterwards we have to be clear (…) I am not at all in the idea that it is the political parties that by their work decide what will be the case. union or notShe explained.

“I no longer support violence in politics”

According to her, “the gathering of the French“Is objective number 1.”What Jean-Luc Mélenchon did, it divides, it fractures, it does not allow us to come together. He’s been in this type of position for some time», She attacks.

The mayor of Paris, a possible presidential candidate, then expressed her exasperation at the current climate. “I no longer support violence in politics, I no longer support these injunctions, these permanent invective“, She blurted out, before adding that the political leaders, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon”should still try (…) to pull our democracy from the top».


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