What not to do on the day of Isaac the Serpent on June 12

On June 12, Russia celebrated a holiday called Serpentine. It was believed that on this day, reptiles crawled out of their hiding places, where they spent the winter months, and arranged mating dances. According to legend, the patron saint of the holiday is Saint Isaac.

This is one of the few days when people do not go to church in order to honor the memory of the saint. This is a national holiday, which is marked by the arrival of snakes. At this time, it is not advisable to go anywhere at all, otherwise you can run into a snake bite, so the people tried to stay at home, but if it was necessary to go somewhere urgently, then before that, in addition to Mary’s root, it was also necessary to pray.

On the day of Isaac the Serpent, it is strictly forbidden:

  • kill snakes;
  • deceive and dodge;
  • you cannot buy dishes;
  • give boxes;
  • raise found money;

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