What pensioners will spend the September social benefits of 10 thousand rubles

Almost a quarter of pensioners who have received a payment of 10 thousand rubles will spend money on medicines and food. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the study of the financial marketplace “Unicom 24”.

Every fifth Russian plans to put money into a savings account or set aside it for future necessary needs.

“It is worth noting that the older category, due to experience, has a developed habit of making savings and having savings,” experts say.

Another 15 percent will direct the funds to purchases that were saved for reasons of economy – household appliances, furniture and electronics. More than 12 percent of retirees decided to help their children and grandchildren or buy gifts for them.

About 10 percent of respondents will spend money on repairs in apartments or summer cottages, 8 percent – on health, 5 percent – on leisure or repayment of loans, another 5 percent have not yet decided on their choice.

A total of 800 Russians over 60 from 35 regions took part in the survey.


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