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For a few decades, Western science has dealt with a false mystery: what were the physical characteristics of the ancestors of us all.

False mystery because it has been known for more than 150 years, that homo sapiens evolved only on one continent. Africa.

200,000 years ago, what we call a human being was born.

He was born black, with hair like that of Professor João, from BBB 21.

And so it remained for over 100 thousand years, when the first human beings decided to migrate from Africa to other continents.

When they migrated to colder places, with little incidence of sun, their skins and hair and eyes became clearer.

About 50 thousand years ago, the non-black man was born. There was an end to a period of 150,000 years, where there were only black men and black women on Earth.

But what is known about these 150 thousand years? What was the world like when there were only black people in it?

One thing is certain: black human beings were not called black. For the sake of logic. If there were only blacks in the world, then why name this characteristic?

All the water is wet. Not really, we call it “wet water”. We call it “water”.

Another discovery of Western science is that it was black human beings who created writing, agriculture, mathematics, money, philosophy, languages, art, the first cities, the first armies, the first empires, the first religions .

And why don’t we learn that at school?

The Sphinx of Guizé, which we all know at school as the largest monolithic statue in the world, made 2,500 years ago, located in what is now Egypt, has four legs, a head and no nose. It is seen that the nose has been severed, destroyed.

It was a negroid nose, with thick features, characteristic of black people.

One of the most popular versions for the disappearance of the sphinx’s nose is that it would have been destroyed by Napoleon’s troops in the 18th century. It is that revealing to the European world that the most advanced civilization in history had been composed of black human beings, would hinder the kidnapped slave market from Africa to the colonies maintained by the countries of the old continent.

In order for black human beings to be trafficked and enslaved without guilt by Europeans and their descendants, it was necessary for black people to be seen as an inferior human being. Like goods. Not as creators of everything we know today as civilization

And so it is, to meet market demands, that racism still exists today, and will exist for a long time.

The only instance that can ever bring an end to racism is the market. You cannot count on the privileged for this game, because they will never give up what the market gives them, every day.

Until then, the African matrix of the world will remain the subject of a book or another, of small publishers, always, or, at most, of an opinion column in a newspaper that only talks about subjects of black people.

People who for 150 thousand years were called only… people.

And today he needs to explain every day that the water is wet.

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