When the left wants to delimit the perimeter of thought

ANALYSIS –The difference in points of view should not be seen as a fight to the death for Good or Truth. But like the ground of discussions between hierarchies of values ​​and imaginaries.

“There can be no righteous thoughts”: such is the clear observation of the radical left sociologist Geoffroy de Lagasnerie. His justification given during an interview with the “Dialogues” podcast is most astonishing: “Because if you look at society, if you just start studying it, you necessarily see phenomena that will have to be thought of as domination: drowning migrants, capitalist groups, feminicide, battered women, etc. ‘homophobia, the manifest over-representation of blacks and Arabs in the prison system. “

Let us pass the fact that, when one is of the left, one has the right to make such ethnic observations inevitably considered “racist” if they emanate from a man of the right. Let us also pass on the fact that there is a “real” which is not that of domination, but that of the savage, that Lagasnerie does not seem to see and which gives rise to other conclusions. “I am not saying that the right cannot articulate words with

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