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Those who enjoy astrology know that it’s not just the sun sign that counts when describing our personality. Ascendant, Moon, Venus and other planets and astrological houses matter a lot too. But do you know what your personal year sign is? Come and see!

In astrology, according to astrologer Marcia Fervienza, a person’s personal year always begins and ends on their birthday. Not to be confused with the numerological personal year, which runs from January 1st to December 31st for everyone. Take the opportunity to discover yours on the map of the year 2023.

When you have a birthday, the Sun completes a turn and returns to the same position as the day you were born. Therefore, your Sun sign does not change, but other planets and placements may change.

That’s because the Earth doesn’t make an exact circular motion. Thus, the time of our birthday is not the same as our birth – even the day can be different!

Therefore, the birth chart, which shows your characteristics, is different from the birthday chart (called the solar revolution) and brings astrological predictions for your life in the next 12 months, until the next birthday.


Every birthday is marked by the rulership of one of the 12 zodiac signs. The ruling sign of your personal year is always the ascendant of your solar return chart.

“The solar revolution map shows important points for work, love, family and health, that is: practically any area of ​​our life. But it is the ascendant that marks the “face” of the year, the main themes that will be repeated and probably from great learning that we need to channel into this period”, explains astrologer Naiara Tomayno.

To find out the sign of your personal year, just make your solar revolution here. The shortened version is free and shows the ascendant.

By the way, as your solar return changes depending on where you spend your birthday, the suggestion is that you use Personare’s free solar return samples to enter possible cities.

In addition to checking your individual birthday predictions, see the opportunities, challenges and trends for love, family, work and health, that is, everything to expect in 2023 here in your sign predictions.

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