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Maria Lina Deggan, 22, engaged to Whindersson Nunes, 26, answered questions from her followers on her Instagram this Wednesday (7). She revealed that she has lived with the comedian for a few months and that she intends to finish college in civil engineering.

“John [Miguel] will there be two houses or do you intend to make the union official and live together? “asked an internet user.” We have lived together for some good months, “replied the student, who is four months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

She also said that she and her fiance were not taken by surprise with the pregnancy: “Everything was very planned and done in the time we wanted. Relationships are agreements made,” he said. Regarding the youtuber, she said that “when I spend a day away from him, I already miss him spoiling me”.

The student also said that she has already decided to give birth: “I intend to have a natural birth (if everything goes as expected). That it will hurt, I already know .. That it will not be easy, I already know. “he concluded.

In addition, she talked about her desire to complete her degree at college. “When the baby was no longer a newborn, I intend to graduate. Engineering is a dream not yet realized”. She also said she had gained four pounds in pregnancy so far.

In March, the couple revealed the baby’s name. “I’m going to have to disappoint but it won’t be Jeredy,” joked the humorist in an Instagram post. “Maria and I thought well and thought it best to give a name that the child knows how to pronounce and write before the eighth grade, so as not to pass on the father’s problems”

Whindersson added that they even considered following the example of “gringos” artists who put random names on their children, such as “door, chair, fork”. “If it were a girl, it would be a spatula”, he amused himself.


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