Who are the “moms”, these mutant moms on the Net?

Their “loulous” are not 4 years old but 48 months, they make superb icing for their “baby-shower” and do not want “no judgment please”. Immerse yourself in the world of these unique mothers.

She stared at her phone, watched from time to time her son trotting towards the road. The Child was about to leave the sidewalk and this world for a fairer world when she had called her back in a sweet voice whose ambition to be obeyed was not essential. You had frowned, cursed “what negligence“. Without thinking that her distraction was the accomplishment of a higher mission: on her phone, this woman was busy loving, saying that she loved. And that ? This child precisely, whom she was bombarding with her camera. Sure, she was posting snapshots of that cuddly moment on social media, along with comments like “my prince ! ! and I am the queen!“. But you didn’t know. Because you didn’t know what a mamoune was.

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