Who will dare to drive at 440 km / h? Le Figaro tested the last sacred monster of the thermal era

TEST – Going against all current trends, Bugatti is launching a 1600 horsepower thoroughbred.

Five hundred kilometers an hour. It is neither a mistake, nor a provocation, even less a coquetry to impress the gallery. If the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport’s tachometer is graduated up to this figure, in increments of 50 km / h, it is because this sacred monster is capable of approaching this miraculous speed. He’s already proven it. During 2019, Bugatti was the first manufacturer to cross the 300 mph mark with a barely modified production car. On the Ehra-Lessien track in Germany, English driver Andy Wallace set the odometer needle at 490.484 km / h (304.773 mph) behind the wheel of a Chiron Super Sport 300+. No competition car can compete. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, at a time when the Hunaudières straight was not cut by two chicanes, the record has been held since 1988 by the craftsman WM. One of its prototypes had reached 408 km / h during testing. The radar could not record the exploit, it was necessary to wait for the race. In the evening

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