Why cutlets fall apart: chefs named 3 main mistakes of housewives

Any experienced housewife is faced with the fact that sometimes cutlets can fall apart right during the cooking process.

Most often this happens in those moments when we try new recipes.

Sometimes cutlets do not keep their shape because we have unknowingly violated the cooking technology.

What are the main mistakes

Rejection of eggs

There is an opinion that due to the addition of a chicken egg, cutlets are hard. Therefore, some housewives decided to abandon the introduction of this component.

But you should understand that eggs help keep the cutlets in shape. If you do not want to add this product, then pay attention to components with similar properties – grated zucchini, starch, grated potatoes.

Don’t use the refrigerator

Not all housewives send minced meat to cool for half an hour before frying, which is a mistake. This helps the cutlets not fall apart during the heat treatment.

Therefore, try not to skip this preparatory stage.

Frying pan

If you want the cutlets to remain whole, then you need to take a proven frying pan to which nothing sticks. But this is not the only recommendation.

It is also important to heat the dishes well before adding the cutlets. This will help the crust “grab” so that the dish does not fall apart.

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