Why does the hot water in the bathroom begin to “pulsate”

Lack of hot water is a traditional summer problem, but often Muscovites face it outside of the annual prophylaxis schedule: there seems to be water, but some … not very hot. Reports that the water is barely warm come from different parts of Moscow, although deviations from the norm are permissible by a maximum of 3 degrees. “MK” found out what the problem may be connected with, and why it is not only Moscow.

The water temperature in hot taps should be at least 60, but not more than 75 degrees – these are the official standards established by sanitary doctors. At the same time, the water is heated in two stages: first, up to 36-40 degrees (by the way, this is already enough for a hot bath!), And then – up to 60 degrees (some Muscovites note that steam comes from the tap). The regulator helps to keep the water temperature at the desired level.

By experience (and intuition!), Every Muscovite has long ago determined the very position of the mixer, in which the water will be exactly the same with which it is comfortable for him to take a shower. However, there can always be instability.

It often happens: in the morning, wanting to wake up, you add and add hot water – but there is no sense … But in the evening you just have to turn the tap slightly – and the water almost burns.

– We are well aware of this phenomenon in hotels and hotels, but at home we underestimate it. Meanwhile, the mechanism is simple: the more people open the tap at the same time, the greater the load on the system, and it does not always cope. Accordingly, at 7 o’clock in the morning, when the entire apartment building needs to get ready for work at the same time, there may be problems, – explained to MK an employee of the dispatching office of one of the districts in the south-west of Moscow.

The specialist also offered another explanation, and a simple one – to check your own bathroom.

– Now many people install the so-called hygienic shower: I understand that it is really convenient for women. So, if you leave an open tap on it and do not even press the lever at the same time, then cold water flows and is mixed into hot water. In general, you need to be careful with such devices if they are not installed in the apartment immediately, and then separately, ” the master added.

At the forum of the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights, Muscovites share relevant stories – and give each other the same advice: contact MOEK, as well as your management company!

“I drain the water, everything is in order with the temperature, but it is worth turning off the tap with water, after 5 seconds. there are clicks over the entire area of ​​the riser, in a minute the temperature of the riser and water is the desired + 41-43, you can drain the hot water for at least an hour, its temperature does not rise, the house is an old five-story building.

“The temperature at night dropped to 54 degrees, in the daytime it was 58–59. I don’t understand what to do with this, because we pay as for normal water! ”

This is one of the popular theories that Muscovites share on thematic forums: they say, the whole secret is in the desire of management companies to save money. Simply put, supply subcooled water to the taps, although the residents paid for the one that is according to the standard.

By the way, the problem of a barely warm shower (with the tap turned to the maximum!) Is considered to be typical of St. Petersburg – tourists have repeatedly reported about interruptions with hot water:

“At least four times the same thing was repeated: if you go into the shower in the middle of the day, when all normal people are milling about in the Hermitage, you have a chance to comfortably wash yourself under hot water and even have fun. But who, during a vacation or a business trip, has the opportunity to arrange a bath at three o’clock in the afternoon? .. But if you crawl under the shower between 8 and 10 o’clock (morning or evening, no difference), write lost: the water will be slightly warm, dream about the pressure you don’t have to either … Lather yourself, chattering teeth and jump out to bask under the hairdryer! ” – describes his experience as the author of a popular travel blog. The expert explains this tendency by old communications in houses in the historical center of St. Petersburg – supposedly half a century old pipes do not withstand loads. The same explanation may apply to the old housing stock in Moscow.


The press service of MOEK responded to our request: “The standard temperature of hot water at the point of analysis (that is, in the apartment) should not be below 60 degrees and above 75. Deviations from the norm can be caused by a number of reasons. For example, in case of improper installation of indoor equipment in one of the apartments (most often a hygienic shower), cold water is mixed into the hot water supply system, which reduces its overall temperature in the entire riser. In such a situation, the cause can be eliminated only by checking the correct connection of this equipment in a particular apartment – the management company must carry out the check.

In addition, in some cases, a short-term decrease in hot water supply parameters is possible for the period of repair work on heating networks or equipment.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28555 dated June 9, 2021

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