Why don’t genocidal psychopaths wear a mask? – 07/21/2021 – Mirian Goldenberg

I’m always asked: “Will Brazilians get better after the pandemic ends?”

I honestly don’t know how to respond. I would like to say yes, that the tragedy we are experiencing has brought about a profound transformation and we will be better off in the post-pandemic world.

But from what I look around, I don’t have much hope.

You know that friend who only looks for you when he needs some “little favor”? And when he receives a loud no, he reacts indignantly: “Wow, you are selfish. It’s only five minutes. What does it cost?”. And that, despite more than 540,000 deaths, repeats like a fanatical denial that Covid is just the flu?”

Know that friend who just calls to complain that her favorite restaurant has closed and is exhausted from looking for a cook? And she plays the victim because she gained ten kilos and her husband doesn’t want to have sex anymore? And you boast of having taken Pfizer and “not the communist bloody vaccine”?

What about the neighbor who shouts “myth” when everyone is banging pots? And enter the elevator without a mask and curse you for a shit because you think it’s cool and mimimi complying with the recommendations of science? And still have noisy parties to torment the neighbors?

Or the sister-in-law who posts videos in the family’s group on WhatsApp showing her ass in the mirror: “The ass is still tight despite the blowjobs and sissies”? And he spreads fake news about “the dick’s bottle” and old-phobic speeches: “Old people really have to die. It will even be good for social security. They are a burden for Brazil”?

And so on. Have they become worse with the pandemic? Or were they always like this?

The genocidal psychopaths and their accomplices came out of the closet. They took off their masks and began to exhibit the “worst version of themselves”: selfish, petty, liars, cowards, inhumane, disgusting, insensitive, intolerant, ignorant, useless, toxic, destructive, prejudiced, abusive, violent and sadistic. They are bad for your health and enjoy the pain of Brazilians.

I’m doing a “broad, general and unrestricted cleanup” in my life and deleting all the selfish, useless, vampires, parasites and leeches who only complain, hate and destroy; who are at the center of the universe and are concerned only with their navel; and who do not know how to listen, understand and take care of those who need it most.

You sure know a vampire, don’t you? If you want to talk about the “pandemic cleanup” you need to do to protect yourself from those who drain your physical and emotional health, I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet wonderful women and men who became partners in my life project: building a beautiful old age and fighting old phobia in Brazil. They chose to be “the best version of themselves”: they take care of a lot of people; they feed the joy, love and health of friends and family. They don’t spend time with nonsense, complaints and fights, and seek to have a meaningful life. They proved to me that, despite the proliferation of genocidal psychopaths, there are Brazilians who value reciprocity, recognition, understanding, care, generosity, character and purpose in life. They taught me the art of “listening nice”.

In a moment of sadness, suffering and hopelessness, I am grateful to have friends and loves with whom I can share my mantra: “United we will win! We are together!”


It will be a joy to have your participation in the online launch of the book “The invention of a beautiful old age”, on Sunday, July 25, at 11 am, on Grupo Editorial Record’s YouTube channel and Unibes Cultural. We are together?

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