Why so much mache – 20/02/2021 – Ruy Castro

No more sissies in your backyard. Jair Bolsonaro likes to surround himself with strong, broken guys. Daniel de Tal, former PM and federal YouTuber, is one of them. A few days ago, to impress Bolsonaro, the guy recorded a video preaching the closing of democracy and threatening to hit a dead cat on the 11 gentlemen of the STF, who, together, are over 700 years old. Another favorite of Bolsonaro was also ex-PM and he-man Adriano Nóbrega. But life goes around. Daniel became a hindrance to Bolsonaro and was thrown overboard. And, due to force majeure, in 2020, in Bahia, Adriano was convinced to go to heaven.

Luckily, spare parts abound. Bolsonaro, as is known, attends any graduation of PMs and firefighters. Not only does he feel good among those vests and boots, but he admires the constancy with which the two corporations supply the militia – three forces that one day will need to count on in the event of an eventuality. In order to guarantee himself and not take any risks, Bolsonaro also does not miss cadet graduations, certain that the young officers will be more efficient than the frayed generals and babysitters who endorse him today.

Completing his fascination with the men of action, Bolsonaro tries at all costs to “relax” the decrees that restrict firearms. For him, any good-looking guy capable of handling the assault of a rifle when shooting must have the right to carry that rifle and use it against enemies of the country, such as globalists, constitutionalists, journalists and other communists who threaten its perpetuation in the power.

Yes, because that is the goal of so much manhood. Bolsonaro has already been warned that he can no longer leave power. He needs him – blaming himself, arming himself, surrounding himself with jagunços, inside or outside the law – to avoid being taken to the dock.

From which, if you sit down, you can never get up. Counting your crimes alone will take decades.

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