Will the pandemic in Germany lead to an increase in divorce

According to sociologists’ forecasts, the number of divorces in Germany as a result of the pandemic could grow fivefold.

According to statistics, 150 thousand marriages break up in Germany every year. Marriages are concluded – about 400 thousand. Their average duration reaches 15 years. The divorce rate in 2019 was about 36 percent, that is, about one in three marriages broke up.

It is believed that difficulties often bind family unions. But the forced social isolation added fuel to the fire in the already problematic relationship between some spouses who thought about divorce even before the pandemic.

According to a survey conducted by the Sociological Institute Civey, many couples in Germany during a pandemic, lockdowns and social isolation do not withstand psychological tests and decide to leave.

In the two months of last year’s spring lockdown, 2.2 percent of approximately 2,500 married respondents in Germany made the decision to divorce.

Based on these data, the authors of the study made their predictions about a possible fivefold increase in divorce as a result of the pandemic.

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