William Bonner celebrates SUS by being vaccinated against Covid-19 – 06/08/2021 – Hello

William Bonner, 57 years old, took the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine this Monday (7), in Rio, just before going to his daily work at Globo.

“First dose today. I’m feeling kind of tired. And also saddened that the queue is still so long and so slow. And dissatisfied, because it wasn’t supposed to be like that”, said the journalist on his Instagram.

“I am grateful to these professionals all involved in the vaccination campaign,” continues Bonner. “It was on their shoulders that they placed the task of running against time for the protection of millions of lives. Brazilians owe a lot to each of these heroes. And to SUS, which survives, like a giant, so many incompetence and criminal irresponsibility.”


French chef Erick Jacquin, who would have guessed, ordered fast food delivery on the weekend and snorted the service of the most famous fast food chain in the world, as if he were on his TV show, “Nightmare in the Kitchen”: “I just finished order from this place, which is the best known fast food in the world. The sandwich with the ice cream arrived: cold sandwich and melted ice cream”, he reported.


Author Walcyr Carrasco will retake the life of his heroine, Angel, the character who launched Camila Queiroz to fame in 2015, a few years after the tragedy that killed her family. The girl, for those who don’t remember “Secret Truths”, faced the suicide of her mother, Carolina (Drica Moraes), and ended up murdering her stepfather, Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi), who was her lover.

In the return of the plot, currently in production, the model will eat the bread that the devil kneaded. In 50 chapters, the new season is directed by Amora Mautner, in the place that previously belonged to Mauro Mendonça Filho


“This is the most alienated generation of football players I’ve seen since the 1980s. The important thing for them is to be on social media, showing their mansions, their cars”

Walter Casagrande, on the positioning for the Copa America


Sylvester Stallone, 74, has inspired a lot of people with the publication of videos where he appears pulling heavy loads of irons to keep his muscles up to date. The star of the “Rambo” and “Rocky Balboa” franchises lifts 20-pound plates using just his fingers. Instagram fans go wild with these actions.


Past boyfriends, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not yet assumed the resumption of romance, which would have occurred after her separation from former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. But the diva was seen in Los Angeles, in the same neighborhood where the actor lives, visiting school for their children, twins Max and Emme, 13 years old. The news was published by the website TMZ, which points to the fact as evidence that the actress and singer would be ready to leave Miami, where she has been living for years.


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