Winter is near, wolves will come with snow: why do predators come out to humans

The real winter has not yet begun, but wolves have already attacked human housing in the Arkhangelsk region. The village of Lukovetsky was under siege. Locals say that wolves began to appear in the immediate vicinity and even on the streets of the village since the summer. Wolves are nocturnal beasts, and they come with darkness. They can go into the yard, tear dogs apart – this is the simplest prey.

Hidden threat

The same expansion awaits almost all remote forest villages and settlements. Predators come even to big and noisy cities. It would seem that wolves were always frightened by noise, light, a large number of people, and unusual smells. But hunger drives them. The hunger to which man himself had doomed them.

Of course, the villagers, who most often become hostages of the wolf siege, have nothing to do with it – giant forest areas are destroyed by large timber merchants, as a result of the disruption of the natural balance, swamps dry up, all kinds of forest animals disappear – the main food base of the wolf pack. The animals simply have nowhere to go – the instinct of self-preservation recedes before the instinct of survival. Ancient instincts and hunting abilities do not work before a person destroys the forest and changes the climate – it is easier to come and take something from people. Chasing a hare in wet snow is not easy; taking a dog is a matter of a few seconds. And people do not really look after their pets – they leave them on the street, and even on a chain.

Since the summer, Lukovetsky has been kept in fear by only one wolf family: a wolf, a she-wolf and three wolf cubs. The head of the family was recently killed by hunters. Calculating the she-wolf’s lair is more difficult: there is no snow – no traces. A large raid is scheduled for the winter.

The head of the village calls on local hunters to unite in brigades, to patrol the most crowded places: near the church, school, bakery. The village went into a state of siege. And it’s not even winter yet …

Disappeared totem

The wolf is one of the oldest totems. Many Slavic tribes considered him to be the guardian of the clan. People knew how to understand the beast, tried not to invade its territory unnecessarily. For millennia, the relationship between man and the wolf has been based on a balance of power – a sort of medieval containment policy: the wolf keeps the forest, the man keeps his territory.

But today man is so separated from nature that he considered himself the sovereign master of it, free to do with it whatever he needs. The British, for example, turned their island into continuous agricultural land and pastures, destroying almost all the forests on their territory. In addition, Western Europe also comes – there the wolf has long become an amusing attraction in zoos.

In Russia, the relationship between a man and a wolf has undergone total changes over the past centuries: from respect to self-affirmation. Who was not touched by Vysotsky’s songs “Hunting for wolves” and “Hunting from helicopters”? They contain the whole tragedy of a driven animal, deprived of its forest and the right to life. Fat officials assert themselves at the expense of an unequal hunt for a beast defenseless in front of technological strangers.

It is not surprising that a wolf, deprived of its usual habitat and food base, in order to survive itself and its species, comes out to take what was stolen from it by a person.

In the Arkhangelsk region, wolves go to human habitation everywhere. True, it is not customary to voice the true reason for this suicide. All this is called “regulation of the number” and “extraction of biological resources.” Officials annually issue decrees on the payment of thousands of bonuses for each killed animal.

It is clear that local residents and summer residents take such measures as their due concern for safety and a means of earning money – the local government annually announces bonuses for shooting a wolf.

At the same time, large-scale industrial logging drives the beast out of the forest, and the forest dumps and garbage dumps arranged by local people attract it to human habitation.

The last hunt

According to the hunters, the attack of the wolf on the dog left by the owner only at first glance looks sudden – in fact, it is a long preparation process: studying the area, ambush, escape routes …

If predators realize that prey is possible, they will even risk taking the dog directly off the owner’s leash. The smell of a dog is not perceived by wolves as the smell of some kind of relative, albeit a distant one – over many millennia it has changed and does not work as a ban on hunting their own kind. And the dogs themselves, when they meet a wolf, can panic, if, of course, these are not breeds specially trained for a wolf like the Caucasian Shepherd Dog or the Irish Wolfhound. For the rest, the instinct when meeting a wolf is panic and numbness – this is what video footage of wolves attacking domestic dogs looks like. For example, there is a video when it took three wolves a couple of seconds to lift up a huge Rottweiler left by the owner on a free range near Arkhangelsk.

Not too intelligent hybrids, which, at first glance, are devoid of any fear of the wolf and selflessly rushing into battle are just suicides. The wolf is smarter, stronger and smarter – behind him is a thousand-year experience of survival side by side with humans.

Therefore, experts say: if you value your pet, do not leave it chained on the street. Better to let him into the passage or leave him in a very, very strong aviary – so he will give a sign and remain alive.

It is better to walk the dog in the dark in the countryside or in a summer cottage together with the same dog lovers. The wolf will not dare to attack the group.

Also, experts recommend having with you different quack noises: sirens, rattles, firecrackers – the wolf does not like noise.

But in general, since the authorities do not intend to stop the destruction of nature and forests, they will have to learn to live in a new reality until all human competitors on planet Earth disappear. Well, the same situation as with the coronavirus. True, when we will have no one to share the planet with, it is unlikely that there will be a place on it for the person himself. This has already happened, by the way, and more than once …

In general, let’s stop throwing our waste into the forest – this is not our home, and we are only guests there. And also, having come to someone else’s house, let’s follow its rules. No drunken squeals, fat bodies and stinking heaps – we are not the masters here.


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