With Bolsonaro in PL, anti-system litany doesn’t stick in 2022 – 11/24/2021 – Bruno Boghossian

Jair Bolsonaro tried to sew a first agreement with the center in 2018. Candidate for the runt PSL, the captain sought an alliance with Valdemar Costa Neto to gain access to TV time and the PR electoral financing fund (later renamed PL) .

The negotiation didn’t work out. Bolsonaro pretended he had never reached out for the acronym and launched himself into the campaign as a candidate fighting “the system”. After a term marked by the marriage of convenience with the old parties and, now, affiliated with one of these parties, the president will have difficulty repeating the litany in 2022.

In government, Bolsonaro tried to preserve the image of being persecuted by the political elites and by the top institutions. It is a well-known method of populist leaders. The objective of this scenario is to trample on the rules of the game, surpass the limits imposed on the president’s power and gather public support for these attacks.

Strategy is used to mask a ruler’s incompetence, fear of losing office, or authoritarian impulses. In the case of Bolsonaro, all three cases apply.

The president has already posed the victim when he failed to pass the items of his disjointed government program in Congress, invented the theory of a political conspiracy to steal the next election and tried to turn his voters against governments who adopted measures to restrict the pandemic.

The anti-system doctrine is a hallmark of pocketbookism and is often based on false premises. Last week, former minister Abraham Weintraub said that the top of the armed forces has ideas close to socialism. Paulo Guedes, that same one, complained about the banks and said that they “still haven’t accepted Bolsonaro’s election”.

Although he tries to keep himself in this role, the president assumes his true character by joining the PL for the elections. Bolsonaro never hesitated to immerse himself in such a system to extract political benefits.

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