With ‘Cão Camarada’, Mundo Bita talks about love and companionship for children

Dog is best friend, and child learns from an early age. This relationship of companionship and protection is the theme of a new song by Mundo Bita, a success among the little ones.

“Cão Camarada”, which will be released on Friday (9), speaks of the loyal squire, the messy animal, of true love. With humor, the song makes it clear: “my dog ​​is really the smartest dog” (see the lyrics below).

Check out an excerpt from the clip:

The dog Batata is the protagonist of the story and participates in the discoveries and adventures of its owner, Tito, and friends, Bita, Lila, Dan and Guto, visually impaired.

Potato, however, is not inspired by a real dog. It was created for the video “De Estimação”, from First album. The connection with the children was so great that he became part of the group.

The recording of “Cão Camarada” was attended by musicians from the Bita Orchestra, which is part of the Bloco do Bita project, on trumpet, sax and trombone.

The release is part of the sequence of the first animation album, “Bita e os Animais”, marked by hits like “A Fazendinha”.

For the project, which combines music and animations, “talking about animals and fostering a vision of love and care for nature are initiatives present in the essence of Mundo Bita”.


“Cão Camarada” premieres at 10am on Friday (9) on the Mundo Bita channel on YouTube and on all streaming platforms. The production is part of the album “Bita e os Animais 2”, commemorating the ten years of the children’s phenomenon.

The music is by Chaps Melo, singer, composer and creator of Mundo Bita. Check the lyrics:

“Comrade Dog”

My loyal squire

Bagunceiro animal

So cool, all day

Doing au, au

An exquisite partner

My best companion

Our true love

It’s the biggest

Run after the ball, roll and roll

Don’t even think about running away from here now

That your rank is already served

And of your hunger I do not doubt

My dog ​​is really the smartest of the broken

He’s a good friend and I’m your buddy

One protects the other, “we’re together” at the parade

Because my comrade dog is the smartest of the broken

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