With confusion at the end, Vila Nova beats CRB and sleeps five points above the Z4 in Series B

For the 31st round of the Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, Vila Nova e CRB faced each other on Thursday night, at OBA, in Goiânia (GO). With a penalty goal from Neto Pessoa, the home team won 1-0. However, despite the victory, coach Allan Aal was sent off for complaining after the final whistle. In addition, he tried to slap the hand of referee Wagner Magalhães at the moment he received the red card.

Thus, Vila gains another breath in the competition and guarantees another round outside the Z4. In 13th place, the team from Goiás reaches 37 points and opens a five-point advantage over CSA – first club inside the relegation zone. On the other hand, the Alagoans suffer the third game without a win and remain in ninth place, with 40 points won. However, they can lose up to three positions at the end of the round,

For the next round, therefore, Vila Nova will visit the factory worker in a direct duel against relegation, at 19:00 (Brasília time) on Friday, in Paraná. The next day, CRB plays another game away from home, against Ituanofrom 18:30, in Itu.

The duel between Vila Nova and CRB

Despite playing away from their domains, CRB was not intimidated and took danger to Vila Nova’s goal. In the 28th minute of the first half, Rafael Longuine hit with class and Wellington Carvalho appeared dodging with his head, with his back to the goal, but missed the target, passing close to the goalkeeper Tony’s post.

Ten minutes later, the Alagoas team scared again. Anselmo Ramon left Paulinho Moccelin in front of the goal, but the forward hit weakly and facilitated Tony’s defense, missing a great chance to open the scoring.

Before going down to the break, Vila Nova proved to be alive in the game and also created a great opportunity to swing the nets. At 41, Willian Formiga left Neto Pessoa in front of the goal and the striker took it from goalkeeper Diogo Silva. However, he also missed the target and the ball passed the CRB post.

After the conversation in the locker room, there was not even time for the teams to get back to the rhythm of the match and Vila Nova had a penalty in their favor. In the team’s first attack, Wagner was tackled by Wellington Carvalho’s cart inside the area. After a few minutes of checking the VAR and confirming the penalty, Neto Pessoa went for the kick and hit with category, in the angle, to open the score.

CRB responded with two dangerous balls at 14 and 15 minutes, respectively. First, Anselmo Ramon received a cross from the left, but he headed it weakly, over Tony. Then, Emerson Negueba hit from the entrance of the area and stamped the goal of Goiás.

Finally, when Vila Nova seemed to control the advantage on the scoreboard, midfielder Dentinho was sent off. At 43 of the final stage, shirt 10 left his arm in the face of side Guilherme Romão, received the second yellow card and, consequently, the red card, leaving the hosts with ten on the field. However, Vila managed to hold back the pressure of CRB and left the game with important three points.

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