“Without a doubt the most important victory of my career”

Qualified for the first time in his career in the Grand Slam final at Roland Garros, Stefanos Tsitsipas is one step away from Olympus …

At Roland Garros,

The scenario of the match
It was nervously appalling, especially during that first to the 5the set where I had to save three consecutive break points. But luckily the audience supported me and gave me energy. I suddenly felt full of energy, and I said to myself: “Come on, now is the time to turn it all around to my advantage!” I felt there was hope and possibilities. The only thing to do at such times is to fight. I had to take control of myself. And I played better again. I still had energy in me, I was still able to fight.

Her tears after her victory

I thought of the past. Roland-Garros is a historic tournament. I’ve been watching him since I was little, my first coach too. It was his favorite tournament. And so, the emotions that overwhelmed me, it was because I was in that position, finally! And I was thinking of him too, because he returned to Greece, to Athens. I’m sure he’s proud of me, of my background. It is without a doubt the most important victory of my career. I come from a very small place and my dream was to be able to play in this stadium, in front of this audience. I managed to finish the game in a good way. It was very hard, there were a lot of emotions, I went through a lot of emotional phases… And I’m proud of it.

His first Grand-Slam final
I never thought I would get there so quickly. It shows that discipline pays off. I’ve improved. The final that is coming makes me very happy. I will give myself 100% on the court. It’s finally a dream within my reach and I’ll try to make it come true

A preference for Nadal or Djokovic in the final?
It doesn’t matter who wins today in this semi-final. It will be a very physical game against the two. They are immense champions. It will take attention to details, it will take my maximum concentration. There isn’t much of a difference between the two. I have a feeling it will require the same commitment, the same level of tennis, the same intensity. If it’s Nadal, I’ll have to be even better than when I met him on clay. With a lot of humility and respect, without being complex. I have to tell myself that there are not many differences between here and Barcelona (defeat against Nadal in the final after having a match point). I never thought I would get there so quickly. Discipline pays. I’ve improved. I am excited to play this final. I’m going to put my whole body on this final. It’s time for me to take my chance


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