Without green investment, we will not recover from the pandemic, says Prince William

Grandson of the Queen of England, Prince William participated on Thursday (8) in a World Bank debate on the transition to the green economy and said that without investing in nature and fighting climate change, it will not be possible to win the pandemic or end poverty in the world.

“We cannot sustainably recover from the coronavirus, eradicate global poverty, zero in on carbon emissions or adapt to climate change without investing in nature. The evidence is clear. Nature continues to decline at an alarming rate.”

In 2019, the prince had already transformed himself into an interviewer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, asking questions to naturalist and TV presenter David Attenborough about what he called “hesitant” steps by world leaders to deal with environmental challenges .

The prince sent a recorded message to this Thursday’s virtual panel with the participation of John Kerry, special envoy for the climate of the Joe Biden government, who has been leading the main discussions on the topic during the IMF’s spring meetings ( International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank.

The institutions have taken advantage of the global recovery rates, which point to a faster exit from the crisis, to take the environment to the center of the debates, buried by the threat of recession in the meetings of last year.

Kerry has been discussing ways to accelerate the economic transition, finance green projects and the need for cooperation, including between antagonistic powers, such as the United States and China, to curb global warming.
On Thursday, the American said that, during the economic recovery in the USA, two of the three careers that will grow above 50% next year are linked to green activities.

“Three job categories will grow more than 50% next year in the USA. The first, which is expected to grow 62%, is a wind turbine technician. The second is a nursing technician, and we know why this is growing,” he added, in reference. to the pandemic. “And the third is a solar panel installer. The market is moving.”

Kerry says the world is wasting time – “and science is talking, they are not political or ideological” – to accelerate the economic transition and curb the emission of pollutants, including the creation of new opportunities in the financial system for green investment .

“If we do what we promised in the Paris Agreement, the temperature of the world will still rise by 3.7 degrees Celsius or more. […] It’s catastrophic, “said the American.” Glasgow [cidade na Escócia que vai sediar, em novembro, a COP26 (Conferência da ONU para o Clima] it’s our last chance to take this seriously, as a threat, and with more ambitious goals. “

The American had said on Wednesday, without giving details, that the White House should move to require companies and banks in the U.S. to disclose the environmental risks of their businesses, in an effort to reorient investments towards a new phase of the economy, which he called the most transformative since the Industrial Revolution.

“We will make Glasgow the next step to divide not what we are willing to do, but what we really need to do.”

In his video, Prince William echoed the need to reorient investments with an eye on climate change and said that COP26 will be a reflection for the next generations. “The decisions of the leaders in Glasgow will echo through the generations for years to come. So, let’s make it count.”

“All of you here, the World Bank and each of the multilateral development banks have a crucial role to play in supporting an ecological, inclusive and resilient recovery from the pandemic. Valuing nature and placing it at the center of your work. And increasing investments in a future where the natural world can prosper, “said the prince.


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