Xavier Bertrand, regional leaders in 2022

ANALYSIS – The president of Hauts-de-France wins against the RN and settles a little more in the presidential election.

Xavier Bertrand elected president… of Hauts-de-France with 51.9% of the vote according to the first Ifop-Fiducial estimates for TF1-LCI, far ahead of his opponent of the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu (26.5% of the vote), and the left-wing list led by the ecologist Karima Delli (21.6% of the vote).

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Accompanied by his wife, Xavier Bertrand went to his campaign headquarters around 7.45 p.m. in an image worthy of a presidential election. “History will remember that twice, here, on the land of Hauts-de-France, faithful to a certain idea of ​​France, the National Front was arrested and we made it strongly retreat », said the winner. “This victory imposes on us more duties than it creates rights, the duty to serve, to continue to fight for all the inhabitants of Hauts-de-France”, he added, also wanting to send a special message to non-voters, “This France that we refuse to see”, and to“Forgotten”.

For Xavier Bertrand, these regional elections will have at least demonstrated ” that there is no fatality, that politics is not dead, that it can make life better “. Reason why he does not intend to turn away from his action at the head of the region, which he makes a central element of his future CV for the presidential election.

“To win, you have to bring together”

By winning largely against the candidate of RN Sébastien Chenu, Xavier, Bertrand has just won his “Primary”. From last August, in an interview with the newspaper Corse-Matin, the president of Hauts-de-France had announced the color. “My primary will be the Hauts-de-France regional ballot. I no longer want a filter between the people and me and I will not submit to the rules set by the political parties ”, he explained.

In the event of defeat, he had also made it clear: he stopped politics. With the regional victory in hand, the presidential candidate intends to trace his route without waiting for The Republicans, of which he is no longer a part, to agree on a tie-breaker system. “We no longer want to relive this Macron-Le Pen duel and that, some may not want to hear it but me, I hear it and I am aware that it is the depth of the country that wants something else, another voice ”, he detailed during the campaign.

“The republican right can win next year, a popular right which will win on its values ​​and its convictions, without any compromise”, he recalled during his meetings. Xavier Bertrand also exchanged last week with Nicolas Sarkozy on the Paca, the day after the support of the former president in favor of Renaud Muselier. Nicolas Sarkozy and Xavier Bertrand have agreed to speak again in the coming days.

The president of Hauts-de-France has never forgotten the rule enacted by the former head of state: to win, you have to bring together … Xavier Bertrand, who wants to make his candidacy for the presidential election unavoidable on the right, has planned to recall these coming days Laurent Wauquiez or Valérie Pécresse, with whom he exchanges by SMS. Although he still does not intend to submit to an LR primary, Xavier Bertrand must also see Jean Leonetti before mid-July. Xavier Bertrand has not forgotten the other precept of Nicolas Sarkozy: occupy space, even in summer, to bend the match and install the dynamic.

War is declared

In the meantime, Xavier Bertrand will see Emmanuel Macron again… once again in Hauts-de-France. On Monday, the head of state will travel to Douai where the Chinese group Envision is to set up an electric battery factory. The opportunity for the two presidents to meet … “Macron would have liked to induct Bertrand as the dangerous candidate, he would not go about it otherwise by marking him the day after the election”, has fun a support of the elected representative of the North. “With Macron, war has been declared for a while”, affirms the president of the region in The echoes.

If Xavier Bertrand has shown that he could be a “Rampart” at the National Rally, he now has to demonstrate that he can be an alternative to Emmanuel Macron. And especially the only one …“The path of hope begins here and now”, hammered Xavier Bertrand, Sunday evening. “This result gives me the strength to go out and meet all French people. (…) Beyond anger and suffering, there is a path of hope. ».


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