Xi and Modi ‘unfreeze’ their relationship and should meet at the Brics – 02/23/2021 – Nelson de Sá

At the top of the home of the Indian Economic Times (image below), “The return of the dragon: China becomes India’s main trading partner again,” according to the 2020 data.

It was also highlighted by Times of India and others in the country – and by Chinese like the financial Caixin.

In an analysis of the signs of “thawing in relations”, the Times of India also published that, “in the wake of the withdrawal of soldiers” from the two countries on the border, another “interesting development” took place.

The Indian government “started to unblock China’s direct investment proposals, ending a nine-month freeze.”

At the same time, as reported by India Today, the South China Morning Post and many others in both countries, “Xi Jinping must visit India for the Brics summit” and meet with Narendra Modi.

Celebrating the 15 years since the creation of the group, the meeting is scheduled for the second semester, also with Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro and the South African Cyril Ramaphosa.


After the Economist, it is now Foreign Policy that warns against using “genocide” to speak of Xinjiang.

In the exclusive report “State Department lawyers concluded they did not have enough evidence to prove genocide in China,” he says that “wielding the G word without a solid foundation risks eroding its power, which was invoked to describe episodes like the murder of millions of Jews ”by Germany in World War II.


The Financial Times highlighted, in an analysis by its editor for the region, that “Argentina’s pragmatic center-left leader, Alberto Fernández, is positioning himself as a natural leader for Latin America.”

He “built bridges on the left and on the right”, visiting Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia, and this week he is going to Mexico for the 200th anniversary of independence, “the only invited Latin American leader”.

He was also “one of the first world leaders” to whom Joe Biden called. Catholics, talked about the Pope.

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