Yannick Jadot calls for the resignation of Frédérique Vidal

Worried about an “Islamo-leftism” which “would plague society”, Frédérique Vidal announced Tuesday that she had asked the CNRS “for a review of all the research” taking place in France.

The MEP and probable candidate for the EELV primary Yannick Jadot on Sunday asked for the resignation of the Minister of Higher Education and Research Frédérique Vidal, considering that “Islamo-leftism” born “matches nothing». «She has to go. The Minister who carries the disqualification of research and higher education in our country cannot remain in office“, Estimated Yannick Jadot on France 3.

Worried about a “Islamo-leftism” who “plague society“, Frédérique Vidal announced Tuesday to have asked the CNRS”a review of all the researchWhich take place in France, in order to distinguish between what is academic research and what is activism.

After strong reactions in academia and politics, with some calling for her resignation, she was reframed in civilized terms by the executive and ordered to focus on students’ difficulties. The “Islamo-leftism», «for me it doesn’t correspond to anything“, Denounced Yannick Jadot Sunday, who then qualified:”That there has been individual complacency, on the right as on the left, with associations that protect a Salafist agenda, is obvious».

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The priority is “the terrible, shocking queues of students just to be able to eat“Said the ecologist. Quitte accused Emmanuel Macron: “There is a drift initiated by the President of the Republic absolutely not responsible, on the subjects which are tapping the society».

«When he was a presidential candidate in 2017, he qualified colonialism as a crime against humanity, today the objective is to put a police force behind every researcher, to take back the national identity of Nicolas Sarkozy, to rehabilitate Maurras and Pétain, with a Gérald Darmanin who makes the link between jihadism and halal rays», Yannick Jadot said. “There is a line chosen by the President of the Republic to go hunting on the lands of the extreme right with a view to 2022, at the risk of fracturing society», He lamented.


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