“You also have to know how to question yourself”

VIDEO – For the MEP, it is about remobilizing the troops for 2022.

Stay focus. Guest on the set of “Talk Le Figaro» the day after the second round of regional elections, MEP from the National Rally Nicolas Bay called for “mobilize” voters for the presidential election.

“I believe that we should not learn a little hastily from these regional elections and extrapolate them to 2022,” declared the chosen one. “We must continue in a process of rallying and we must think about the strategy that allows to re-mobilize our voters.»

In a context of massive abstention observed during the two rounds of the regional ballot (around 65%), Nicolas Bay wants to put into perspective: “There has always been a relative decorrelation between local and regional elections..» Himself a candidate in Normandy, the head of the list failed to mobilize more in the in-between rounds by capping at 19% of the vote. “It is true that we have experienced a small electoral ebb and it is obviously necessary to analyze it”, he acknowledged, while evoking the “Leavers bonus.” “It is the leavers who have been the big winners. (…) But they were not re-elected thanks to their record or their political label (…), it is first and foremost because they are out ”, he blasted, while all the presidents have been re-elected in France.

Re-mobilize the troops

From now on, it is therefore for Nicolas Bay to remobilize the troops for 2022. “You also have to know how to question yourself and analyze the root causes. Many of the regular voters of the National Rally did not go to vote ”, noted the MEP. “Our voters did not turn to other political parties, they gave up exercising their right to vote. It’s serious”, did he declare.

Faced with this, Nicolas Bay prefers to play the card of consistency. One week before the National Gathering Congress, scheduled for July 3 and 4 in Perpignan, the elected party to the flame refuses to question the future of its leader, Marine Le Pen. “His candidacy is not at all contested”, he swept away. And to continue: “The question is whether it is appropriate that there are more and more applications. The goal is to come together as much as possible from the first round to create a dynamic and win in the second round..»

Despite the failure to conquer a region, Nicolas Bay ensures that “The National Rally remains an electoral political force.” “There is no need to worry excessively, but that requires a real analysis, real internal debates”, however, he qualified.

Nicolas Bay: “The RN remains an essential political force” – Watch on Figaro Live


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