young biker dies in accident after refusing to comply

A 27-year-old man died in a motorcycle accident on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Rennes after refusing to comply with a police check, we learned Sunday from the prosecution.

Driving a 700cc motorcycle, the young man “of West Indian origin“Was seen at 11:55 pm by the police”moving at high speed Quai de Châteaubriant“, In the city center of Rennes, specified the Rennes prosecutor Philippe Astruc, in a message to AFP.

The «did not stop at the different» stop «of this axis and rolled rapidly“, Then did not stop at a red light, according to the magistrate. “After activating their beacon, the BAC staff (anti-crime brigade, editor’s note) followed the biker in order to carry out his control. The latter refused to comply and continued on his wayAdded Mr. Astruc.

A little further, “the police noted the presence of the motorcycle on the ground and the motionless and unconscious individual. The call to the fire department was immediate. On the spot the doctor of the SAMU could not resuscitate him. The death was declared at 00:28“, According to the same source.

«The investigation made it possible to establish, thanks in particular to several testimonies of residents, that the person concerned was alone at the time of the accident, the police officers having only arrived on the spot in a second time.», Specifies the prosecutor. An autopsy has been ordered.


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