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A tattoo artist was arrested in the act at a motel this Friday (5) on suspicion of having stabbed ex-girlfriend Emily Luíza Ferretti Fernandes, 25, at the young woman’s house in the Barreiro region, in Belo Horizonte, the day before. .

According to the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, Thales Thomás do Vale, 29, was indicted for murder qualified by femicide, a futile motive, a little cruel and with no chance of defending the victim. He was also charged with the attempted murder of her brother.

Asked by the press if he was sorry while being directed to a Military Police vehicle, he replied “I am” and then said that “it was a coward”. The investigation is still in progress by the Specialized Femicide Nucleus.

Witnesses told police that Emily Luiza was at home with her mother and 16-year-old brother last Thursday (4) when Thales entered the unlocked gate to apologize to his ex-girlfriend. She did not accept and was attacked by him.

The teenager tried to grab a stick to defend his sister, but when he returned, he saw that the tattoo artist was stabbing the young woman with a knife. She was taken by military police to the Júlia Kubitschek hospital, but did not survive her injuries. Her brother was also hit and needed treatment.

Emily Luíza had already sought out the Civil Police twice to file a complaint and ask for a protective measure against her ex-boyfriend, one of them two days before she died.

The corporation confirmed that the request was forwarded to Justice. The Court of Justice, in turn, stated that it did not find records with the names of those involved and that the femicide processes are confidential and, therefore, may be hidden in the system.

The first complaint was made on June 30, when the young woman went to the Police Specialized in Assistance to Women to denounce her ex about the publication of intimate photos and threats. “At the opportunity, an urgent protective measure was also requested”, says the agency.

He would have created a fake profile on Instagram, added the young woman’s family members and forwarded the images, according to the G1 website. Last Tuesday (2), says the portal, Emily returned to the police station to say that Thales threw a phone and a cell phone at her after a fight motivated by jealousy.

When she got up to leave, he grabbed her by the neck and arm and threw her on the bed. Afterwards, the tattoo artist’s grandparents tried to stop the fight and took her to the gate, but he still threw her on the ground and dragged her trying to pull her watch, as the case might be.

The Maria da Penha Law establishes that, after registration for domestic violence, the case must be sent to the judge within a maximum of 48 hours. Justice will have another 48 hours to analyze and judge the granting of urgent protective measures, if applicable.

Thales lived in the United States and was passing through Brazil. Relatives and friends told the Estado de Minas newspaper that the relationship started over the internet and lasted a few months, but the tattoo artist was possessive and abusive and she decided to end it, so the threats began.




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