Zambelli wants to allow export of vaccines in case of incompetence of the public power – 08/04/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

Federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) filed a bill in the Chamber that authorizes the export of Brazilian vaccines against Covid-19 only after the entire population is immunized. The proposal, however, also provides for surplus units of the immunizer to be sent to other countries if their application is paralyzed or compromised by action or inaction by the public authorities.

The parliamentarian affirms that, although she believes “piously in the free market”, the health crisis requires a measure like this to “partially mitigate the power of the private international free trade initiative of vaccines manufactured and produced in Brazilian soil, only until the national demand “.

In his justification for the presentation of the bill, Zambelli does not explain in what terms the export of vaccines would occur in case of omission of the public power, but criticizes the “poor management” of the epidemic by governors and mayors.

“Some heads of state and municipal executives in Brazil, either due to mismanagement of the billions of reais allocated by the federal government, or due to a lack of wisdom in choosing the rules of social isolation, unfortunately, even if in an unintended way , with a worsening of the social crisis now faced “, he affirms.

This would occur, according to the deputy Bolsonarista, “despite all the real, valuable and voluptuous efforts made by the federal government to combat the pandemic of the new coronavirus”.

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